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My name is Trine Dahlmo. I run NLP Coach Team AS in Mo i Rana, Norway and I share my working day with co-owner Lena Kralicek and my other accomplished and nice colleagues. We share values and a vision for our work and meet during our workdays people who wish to get something more out of their lives. Some wants to be healthier, more fit and lighter. Others wish for a better relationship to their nearest, improve their self confidence or thrive better at work.

We do not believe in guilt or bad conscience, but in the mastering and joy, and we know through all our experience that everybody can in their own way.

In our world all are stars –

My interest for lifestyle and health was awoken when I as a 29 year old experienced that my little girl of 3 became well and healthy by simple changes with regard to her diet. I was so inspired by this incident that I jumped off of my newly started career within administration and leadership and started many years of  education within the field of health. I started a 9 years part time study in anatomy, physiology, herbal therapy and nutritional therapy. Four years into my studies I started a student practice and half a year later I had full schedules and client lists and quit my job in the national service to commit myself  a hundred per cent to my clinical practice.

Very early on it became obvious that it was not always enough to offer my clients solutions only for their physical health. Many needed in addition help with their motivation and everyday happiness. I therefore sought out the leader- and motivating tools I had learned during my initial education at Handelshøyskolen BI (a Norwegian private business academy). I took great pleasure in experiencing the positive effect this more comprehensive approach had on my clients. It became more and more obvious for me that no matter what goals we aim at in our lives, we need to take into consideration that we consist of both body and mind as a whole and that they are mutually dependent upon each other in order to function. If the body struggles, the mind suffers, and if the mind struggles, the body suffers.

Inspired by the good results I started to look for a refill of knowledge about the human mind – how we function and how we can use our mental resources to succeed with the goals we set for ourselves.

This brought me into contact with the method NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming), which is a collection of methods for achieving results. It is particularly used within the fields of  coaching, leadership, communication, motivation and self-development.  Again I started a longer run of education and year by year I was refilled with concrete tools that I could use to motivate my clients based on their unique and different needs and premises.

We all have our own path to walk

Through all these years, I have never belonged to a particularly academic community – I have belonged to my clients. Together with them I have, as a professional within my field, followed my own path and chosen to unite much of what is already discovered both within the school medicine and the alternative medicine communities. Experiences from my clinical practice have been my great source of inspiration and developed me as a professional. My near and dear relationship to my clients have turned me into a very practical oriented therapist with a great sense for powerful methods that provide provable results in peoples´ lives.

The proven result of my discoveries are easy and effective nutritional models that I want to make available for those who want it; through this blog, courses, books and education. My hope is that the models can become common knowledge in society and contribute to enable people’s ability to create a better everyday life for themselves.

Trine 🙂

Trine Dahlmo  –  Healthinspirer–  NLP Coach Team AS

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