Why blog?


Since 2001 I have had through my clinical practice the great pleasure in following many beautiful people on their unique and varied journeys towards better health and well-being.

Everybody has had their personal challenges and their own path to follow. We have shared the path and together made exciting discoveries with regard to the effect nutrition and mental strategies can have on health and the joy of living everyday life. We have experienced that there is a way for everyone and that to succeed with ones important goals in life is not about willpower, but about finding a path which is possible to follow all the way.

To change our habits of nutrition and lifestyle demands so much more than finding out what we should eat. If it was so simple as to ”just do it”, far more would have lived the lifestyle they wanted. Food is not after all just a source to good health, but also an important allied for parties, the feeling of well-being, comfort, pleasure, companionship, enjoyment and security. In order to live well with new habits of nutrition over time, it is necessary to preserve  all our needs, preserve the joy of food and to find practical solutions in a busy life. It takes its time.

When we are on our way, we are heading in the right direction

Good enough
You do not have to fulfill the whole official list of ”should” or be a gourmet chef to reach your healthgoals, reduce weight or achieve more energy in your everyday life. Therefore be prepared to find suggestions in this blog that include prefabricated sauces and food from the store´s  deep freezer. The suggestions for meals will vary – from cheap and easymade meals, to meals for feasts. My knowledge about cakes and desserts are limited, so you will have to find another source of inspiration in this field. What I can help you with is how you through your everyday diet can invest in your well-being and your health.

Health advice
Are you troubled with stomach-/intestine issues? Do you want to reduce or gain weight? Are you struggling with hormonal imbalance? Do you have an unfavorable cholesterol balance? Do you have other health issues that can be improved by nutritional adjustments? Or are you just very interested in nutrition, herbs, health, training and lifestyle?

In this blog you will get understandable information about different health issues, and suggestions to how you with the least possible limitations with regard to your diet can eat to be healthy. In the blog I will also share my thoughts on other important ingredients in the recipe for ”the good life”, among these are cooperation and the joy of exercise.

I will appreciate to receive ideas what to write about in the blog, and I also invite you to share your comments and experiences.

Together we will create a blog that is alive, to the common benefit for many.

The blog-team
Apart from me, you will also meet in the blog my husband, Kjell Petter.


Kjell Petter is a true wine- and food enthusiast and will contribute to food inspiration and wine tips. In addition he has other interests as well, such as music, film, running   and to support his beloved soccerteam Manchester United – interests that spice up his  life, even though they will not be a theme for this blog.

The other man in my life is Zappa, a furcoated and long-snouted eye candy on 4 legs, that you will meet on my excursions in the woods, in the fields and in the garden looking for herbs. Besides the pleasures of outdoor life, he loves cute lady dogs and to play with stick and ball.


Social attitudes
In my cilinical practice I experience through my clients how different nutritional measures influence their health. Together we have found effective nutritional strategies for different health issues. Some strategies are public knowledge, while others are innovative to such a degree that very many can achieve a healthier life if they get access to our experiences. The effect of my nutritional strategies that my clients have followed are well documented by symptomchanges and by examinations performed by doctors in the public health system.

With many years of experience from clinical practice, I realise that I am in a position to contribute to society´s chase for solutions to many health issues, and also acquit suspected food types for unfair accusations. As a daughter of a trade unionist growing  up in a town familiar with transition and growth, I am of course equipped with a social conscience. If my experiences can help individuals and society to find a manageable way to healthier, easier, lighter and happier lives, it will be my delight.

After many busy years with establishing and running of my own practice I have now time, courage, economy and motivation to step out on the public scene to influence society´s  attitudes with regard to nutrition, sickness and health, and not least the challenges many face in their struggle to find a road that leads somewhere.

To start a blog, publish books, educate others within the fields of NLP and Nutritional therapy are some of the measures I have undertaken in order to contribute to sosciety´s  and the individual´s  well-being and health. I also hold courses and lectures within my field and in this way I am able to convey knowledge and values to a wider range of people. With such a broad catchment area I am able to reach many people with my message that I believe modern society needs badly.

that we are all unique and valuable people, and can reach our goals in life if we follow our own path –

Our gift to you
Even though this blog is written by me, it is in reality a gift to you from all my lovely clients. Many of them want to tell their stories, and show you what is possible to achieve through simple nutritional adjustments. They also want to show you that the road to the health goals we set for ourselves is a personal journey where everybody has to walk down their own path.

They have had themselves their unique goals and followed their personal journeys. For some it has been a matter of staying alive for the next 5 years. For others it has been a matter of fitting into a smaller size. One goal is not better or worse than another. Everyone knows best what they need.

They wish that you too shall succeed with what is important in your life. They hope that by sharing their stories, they can inspire you. The stories will be presented as ”Star examples”, which refer to the slogan we in NLP Coach Team have attached to our logo

– In our world all are stars –

We who contribute to this blog do it because we want you to follow a path to well-being and good health, filled with the experience of coping and joy. We know that this is the road that leads you all the way – because we have followed it ourselves.

Enjoy the journey, dear you!

Greetings from all of us in the blog-team.

Trine 🙂

Trine Dahlmo  –  Healthinspirer–  NLP Coach Team AS

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Why blog?


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