Tasteful fish soup


This tasteful fish soup rich on flavour is made from homemade broth. Fish broth is the thing to make when shells from shellfish, fish heads and other cuts from fish pile up in the freezer. This time we had in our freezer shells from shrimps after an evening with a shrimp meal and shells from crayfish, served as an appetiser. A quick visit to the store´s fish counter provided us with a fish head. These good rawmaterials from the sea and some not fresh vegetables became the basis for this fish broth. To make a delicious fish broth one can use most parts from fish, shellfish and most kinds of vegetables. Use what you have got.

Recipe for fish broth
(ca. 1 litre broth)

This time we used
5 stems of celery
Ca. 200 grams of ruccola leaves
250 grams spinach leaves
3 big carrots
1 big salmon head
10 pieces of shells and heads of crayfish
Ca. ½ litre of shrimpshells with heads
2 cubes of fish bouillon
Ca. 1 spoonful of grinded pepper
3 leaves of laurel

How to make fish broth
Peel the vegetables and cut them into small pieces. Put them into a casserole. Put the whole fish head in the casserole and add the shellfish, cubes of bouillon and the spice. Let it boil without a cover about 1 hour.

Sift the remedies through a sieve. Mash the firm bits hard into the sieve. It is important to squeese the heads from the fish and the shellfish. These contain flavourable fat which will add good taste to the broth.


The broth can be frosen. If you are going to use the broth the same day or the day after, you can cover the fish broth and keep it in the fridge untill you will use it.


Recipe tasteful fish soup
To 8 persons

You need
3 carrots, peeled, ca. 200 grams
Ca. ½ leek, the bottom part – ca. 90 grams
150 grams of celery
1 litre fish broth
100 milligrams saffron
2 lemons
500 grams cod fillets
500 grams salmon fillets
If you want, some dill and leaves from celery as garnish

Do like this
Peel the carrots and cut them into small cubes. Remove the bottom of the leek and also bad spots and cut the bottom white part into rings. Peel the celery and cut into small cubes as with the carrots.


Put the vegetables into a casserole together with the fish broth. What kind of spices and how much depends upon what ingredients you have put into the fish broth. For this soup we used 100 grams of saffron and the juice from 2 lemons.

Boil till the vegetables are tender.  Cut the cod and salmon fillets into cubes.


Add the fish and let it ”rest” in the boiled water for 5 – 6 minutes. (Fish are not supposed to boil. Just let it ”rest” in the hot water.)

Make some green garnish like this: Mince some dill and leaves from the celery.


Serve the soup in deep plates and sprinkle some garnish over.


We wish you happy times with good food and good health.

Trine and Kjell Petter 🙂

Trine Dahlmo  –  Healthinspirer–  NLP Coach Team AS

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