Healthinspirer´s lowcarbo bread

Servert-TrinesLavkarbobrødIf you wish to follow The TD Method´s nutritional suggestions to reduce weight, and love butter, smoked salmon, salami, white cheeses, eggs, mayonnaise and the likes, it is convenient to have a tasty lowcarbo bread available. Here is a recipe I have developed in the wake of many efforts – but that ended well. This is as close as you can get to a ”normal” type of bread without using any kind of grains. The bread is also glutenfree.

You will need
1 large box of cottage cheese, 400 grams
½ dl extra virgin olive oil
6 eggs
50 grams walnuts
2 spoonfuls of husk*
1/3 of a bag dried yeast
70 grams fibrex (grinded fibres from sugar beet)*
50 grams lin seeds
30 grams sunflower seeds
1 dl water

*A lowcarbo bread which contains very little carbohydrates, cannot contain wheat bran or oat bran, which is very often the case with lowcarbo bread. It is therefore necessary to find other alternatives. I have chosen Fibrex and husk fibres as an alternative which gives the bread a rough content and binds the dough, so that the bread is firm and nice. The products can be found in health food stores and often also in grocery stores, among bakery products or allergy products.

Do like this
Put cottage cheese, olive oil, eggs and walnuts in a bowl and blend it with a mixer till it is smooth. Add husk, yeast, fibrex, lin seeds, sunflower seeds and water. Blend all these ingredients. The dough is rather soft.

Cover a 1.5 liter bread pan with baking paper. Put the dough in. The bread will not rise very much. Use a spatula to shape the bread the way you want it to look when it is finished. Put the bread in a cold stove on an oven shelf, in the middle of the stove. Let the bread rise in the cold stove for 1 – 2 hours. Put the temperature on 170 degrees and let the bread fry for 60 minutes. Take the bread out of the pan, put it back into the oven and let it fry for another 20 minutes. Cool down the bread on the oven shelf, but do not cover the bread.

When the bread is cooled, you can keep it in a bag in the fridge, You can also cut it into slices and freeze in portions. The bread is easily defrosted in a toaster.

I wish you merry moments with good food and good health

Trine 🙂

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