Oatmeal porridge

SONY DSCWhen I started as a nutrition therapist, I was surprised to learn how many people used to eat oatmeal porridge for breakfast as a regular routine. Since I believe it is important to keep our favourites, also when one for a period of time (or always) want to choose the TD-method´s plate models, I experimented with different ingrediences and ended up with this recipe for oatmeal porridge

The protein rich cottage cheese and oat bran reduces the amount of carbohydrates that are absorbed into the digestive system and contribute to good sources of nutrition, while the berries in addition add a delicious natural sweetness to the meal.

You need
1 portion

1 dl oatmeal
2 spoonfuls of oat bran
Ca. 3 dl water
75 grams of cottage cheese
Fresh berries. Fruit cut into pieces can also be used
Cinnamon if you want

Do like this
Boil the oatmeal and the oat bran in the water till the porridge has got a certain thickness, about 5 minutes. Put the cottage cheese in a soup plate and pour the porridge into the plate. Blend the cottage cheese into the porridge. Sprinkle with berries or fruit, and cinnamon if you want.

A nutricious, bloodsugar stabilising and tasteful way to start your day!

We wish you lovely moments with meals and good health

Trine and Kjell Petter 🙂

Category: The TD-method´s Meager-plate

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