Squash pasta

squash-steke1Squash pasta is a tasty meal, easy to make and low on carbohydrates and may be an alternative to spaghetti in ”spaghetti and minced meat sauce”, stews, fried fish, yes to all dishes suited for pasta. With only 1,8 grams carbohydrates per 100 grams, squash pasta is a great contribution to a low carbo diet.

To make the stripes you need a squash peeler. It looks like this. We found it in ”Kitchen” ( a Norwegian chain store for home remedies).


This is how you make squash pasta:

To 4 – 5 persons you need 2 squashes

Wash the squash and cut off the ends. Use the peeler and peel around the whole of the squash as shown in the picture. Stop when you reach the softer core where you can see seeds. This part of the aquash is not suitable for pasta, but can be used for a later meal (boil, fry).


The ready strips of squash can be prepared in the following ways.

Alternative 1) Warm them on moderate heat in melted butter. Use a wide casserole or pan, as shown above. Frequently turn the pasta strips. The squash pasta is ready to be served  when it has started to become soft.

It takes about 10 minutes, depending upon the size of the portion you are preparing. The smaller portion, the faster it takes.

Alternative 2) Boil water with a little salt. Let the squash pasta rest in the hot water for about 5 minutes.

A good sauce on top, or pesto or  some butter, and you have a delicious fish or meat dish.

We wish you lovely moments with meals and good health

Trine and Kjell Petter 🙂

Category: The TD-method´s Fat-plate or Neutral-plate, depending upon the amount of fat used. Gluten-free, lactose-free, low on lactose, no milk-proteins.

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