Heart attack from eating eggs?

TerminatedAs you certainly have noticed from the recipes in this blog, I have a very relaxed relationship to saturated fat and cholesterol. There is a reason for this – my experiences from my extensive clinical practice where I observe my clients and the effect measures taken with regard to nutrition have.

The health authorities tell us that there is a connection between the intake of cholesterol in the diet and the level of cholesterol in the blood. They put the intake of fat, particularly saturated fat, in connection with the level of cholesterol in the blood. Furthermore they claim that the level of cholesterol in the blood increases the dangers of cardiovascular diseases. Therefore they recommend to decrease the intake of fat and food rich on cholesterol such as eggs, butter, fat meat, cheese and shrimps.

There are many studies that conclude that food rich on cholesterol increases the danger of early death because of cardiovascular troubles. Eggs are the enemy number one here and the health authorities ask us therefore to decrease the intake. On the other hand, there are just as many studies that conclude otherwise, that cholesterol in the food has no influence on the level of cholesterol in the blood. Therefore it is difficult to tell what ”the truth” is.

While scientists hunt for a common truth, I choose to let my experiences as a practitioner lay the foundation for my statements.

In my clinical practice I observe the health effect the nutritional measures I suggest to my clients have on them. I am obviously influenced by my observations when I draw conclusions. The evidence for my conviction with regard to how the diet effects my clients cholesterol balance are the blood tests the GPs perform before and after nutritional measures are taken, such as total cholesterol, LDL (low density cholesterol),HDL (heavy density cholesterol) and triglycerides.

The results are always the same, and I no longer have any doubts about how fat- and cholesterol rich food effects the blood´s cholesterol values.

I have NEVER experienced that my clients´ cholesterol values have changed unfavourable on a fat- and cholesterol rich diet. On the contrary, a well composed fat and cholesterol rich diet usually improves these values –

Because of the great responsibility I have as a counselling participant with regard to health, it is with great care and caution I oppose common advice with regard to nutrition as I do in this case.

My experience tells me that if we ever are going to reach our health goals, it is of utmost importance that the diet is not to limited or demanding to follow. Besides, food is an important source to everyday joy. So the pleasures and joy of food also has to be considered and preserved. Therefore I maintain:

The greatest threats to our health in today´s society are unnecessary limitations in our choices with regard to food and nutrition, and a relation to food based on principals and bad conscience –

To suspect a type of food should only be done on the basis of solid evidence that this type of food is dangerous. If a type of food causes health issues, it must be taken seriously. If it does not cause health issues, we should have the opportunity to choose it.

In my 18 years of experience as a health and nutrition counsillor, I have never experienced the claimed unfortunate connection between saturated fat and cholesterol in the diet and cholesterol in the blood. My advice in this matter is therefore:

Eat eggs, other cholesterol rich food and saturated fat from natural sources with joy and pleasure!

I wish you happy meals
…  and good health

Trine 🙂

Trine Dahlmo  –  Healthinspirer–  NLP Coach Team AS

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