Entrecote and potatoes

BiffPotetDo you, like me, find steak and potatoes a tasteful duo? Here you have the fast food version we made last Friday. Suggestion for wine follows. The dish is easy to make and tastes like heaven.

This is a fast food variation where we have used sauce in bag and frozen vegetables. If you want to make the sauce yourself, we recommend the one we made for ”Steak dinner – roasted sirloin”. The recipe is in the menu.

This is what you need
1 well tendered entrecote for each
1 bag of frozen vegetables. We chose one containing brussels sprout, carrots and cauliflowers
1 bag of gravy
1 bag of cut potatoes
Salt, pepper

Choose a piece of entrecote which is as close to the expire date as possible. Steak which has an expiry date does very often have a discount, often half the price. It is also the most tendered meat, so choose it. When it comes to steak, it is not about freshness, on the contrary.

The first and most important thing to do in order to get a tender piece of steak is to choose a tender piece of meat when you do the shopping. Then it is important to keep the meat in room temperature for about an hour before it is fried. Meat straight out of the fridge and into a hot frying pan are against all odds to become tender. Relieve the meat from its package and put it on paper towels on the kitchen counter. Spice one side with grated salt and pepper.

To fry the entrecote
Melt butter in the frying pan, preferably an iron pan and rather high temperature. When the butter has become golden brown, put one, or two small steaks in the pan with the spiced sides down. Do not cover the frying pan with meat. This will reduce the heat in the frying pan and the steak will be more cooked than fried. Put salt and pepper on the upside of the steak. Push the areas with fat down into the pan so that they can get some additional help in the process. Fry untill you get a nice frying crust. Then turn the piece and repeat for the other side. If the steak is thin, it will by now be ready fried. If it is thicker, you can turn down the heat and let it fry for 1 – 3 minutes extra on both sides.

Piece of advice: When the steak is ready fried, use the fingers to push down the meat. Then you learn to feel how the steak is supposed to be like when it is ready.

Move the steak over to a kitchen cutting board and let it lay there to rest for at least 10 minutes. This period of resting time is vital. If you cut the steak immediately after it is ready fried, juices will flow out of it for a while. This will not look delicious on the plate.

The potatoes
The pieces of potatoes are fried according to the information on the bag.

The gravy
The gravy is made according to the information on the bag.

The vegetables
Let them be tendered in a pan by steaming them with the lid on.

Wine suggestion here:
All that remains now is to enjoy…

We wish you happy meals

…and good health

Trine and Kjell Petter 🙂

Trine Dahlmo  –  Healthinspirer–  NLP Coach Team AS

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